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Light Realty LLC (LRLLC) is a New York State Limited Liability Corporation located at 222 Greenwich Avenue, Goshen, NY 10924. It is a private corporation established for the purpose of selling real property in all of its forms. As such, we are part of a greater community that represents individuals and others in some form of public forum. Anyone given access to these pages is expected to uphold the highest standards of Decency, Integrity, and Accountability in all of their actions subject to their use.

These “standards” are established as part of the charter of the organization and are subject to the laws of the State of New York, the United States of America and statutes unwritten bound by the conscience and common sense of its owners for the purpose of representing the greater good in insuring title. LRLLC reserves the right to refuse and/or restrict without limitation the use of our facilities, content and services to anyone, regardless of race, color, creed, gender or orientation who violate these terms and the conditions as set forth herein.

Furthermore, LRLLC refuses to support or condone in any way, shape or form, Racism, Sexism, Masagony, Child Abuse, gratuitous Violence and/or the intentional Destruction of Life and Property both Real and Intellectual, Public and Private.


LRLLC respects the privacy of All Individuals. Although in the course of our commerce from time to time, it becomes necessary for us to request vital information of individuals, we warrant that all information, volunteered by those participating in our commercial and non-commercial efforts is held with the greatest regard for personal privacy. We do not share, sell or otherwise use Any Information provided by individuals, members, or participants in any of our projects, processes and productions for any reason without the express permission of the individuals themselves or their legal representatives duly chosen by them. We likewise expect that information shared by LRLLC with them, any corporations or sovereign entities, which they may represent, shall be held with the greatest CONFIDENCE.

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